A few words on Pouls mp3 Player version 2

Poul's mp3 Player V2 is an mp3 player designed for the Modern Western Square Dance Caller.

It supports you with everything you need like

  • Cuesheets (lyrics) for Singers.
  • Multiple Cuecards with filtering.
  • Extended Cuecard filtering with limited logic. && (and) || (or) and &&! (and not).
  • Display current Cuecard when playing a record. Navigate to next cuecard on mouse click.
  • Perfect loop using a wizard.
  • Multiple Favorite lists.
  • Customizable screen with docking windows.
  • Customizable shortcut keys.
  • Change Tempo, Pitch & Speed in realtime as well as presets.
  • Tracking what records you have been playing.
  • Filter played records using date and time and export the result to an XML file (eXcel style).
  • Adjustable Countdown Timer.
  • and much much more.

Most windows are dockable and you can have more than one favorite list open. It will remember where you left the windows when you come back another time.

Please report any findings back to me.

Also if there is something you miss. Let me know. This is the only way, the program can improve.

Before you start, please read this small guide I am writing on. The guide will eventually turn into the real users guide and help. But for now it is all I have.

Getting started

You can download Pouls mp3 Player V2 (Click here). Current version is 1.0.83.