Poul's mp3 player is a Square Dance music player.

The version 1 was built many years ago and had problems with the internal architecture when running under windows 10.

Version 2 is going to be a complete rewite. New engine and new graphical use interface.

If you want to test it, go to the download page and download the latest test release.

Release overview

Created atRelease numberChanges

Fixed a problem where pressing remember didn't save changed pitch and or tempo.


Fixed a number of issues:

  • Multiple startup causes error

  • Copy favorite list failure

  • Unexpected tempo change

  • Throwing a song in the schredder did not remove the song

  • Command Shortcuts not working

New functionality:

  • Added Cue Card scrolling (forward only) by clicking

Some new elements might appear with no functionality yet. They are part of my work on Cue Card display and editing


New feature:

  • Cue Card Display form added. This form will eventually display the current Cue Card from the selected Cue Card filter. The display is depending on the new setting int the View preferences.
  • View preferences. Added a new setting for displaying Cue Cards. Using this new property you can chose to display Cue Cards as follows
    • Only When no Cue Sheet (Display current Cue Card only when there is no Cue Sheet linked to the song)
    • Always (Always display the current Cue Card)
    • Never (Never display the current Cue Card)

If a Cue Card is displayed and playback stops, the Cue Card filter will scroll to the next Cue Card in the filter.



About box added.
As there are multiple testers, all on different versions, is it vital for me to know which version of the player including version of sub modules.


Refresh of Cue Card overview on database restore.

Note. There may be a problem with the windows menu. If the menu disapears, uninstall and then reinstall the player will solve this. I don't know why this happens.


New features:

Font preferences:

Change font for Cue Cards.

Change font for the Cue Card Form Display.


Clicking the background in Favorite Patter/Singer did not queue the song in the appropriate queue.

Note. There may be a problem with the windows menu. If the menu disappears, uninstall and then reinstall the player will solve this. I don't know why this happens.


Added new features:

  • Changed startup functionality to allow for future database changes. This is a major change on startup.
  • Font changes implemeted for Favorite Lists (custom as well as All Songs, Favorite Patters and Favorite Singers). Font changes are done using the Font Preferences.
  • Poul's MP3 Player will start Maximized if it was closed Maximixed (the same goes for Normal and Minimized)
  • Added number of songs to the title in a Favorites List'
  • Added Count Down Timer customization to Audio Preferences
  • Added the display of current filter (Categori and Sub category) on Cue Cards. This feature is off by default. It can be turned on in the View Preferences.

Fixed a number of minor issues.

Prepared database for naming of Cue Cards.


Added new features:

  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Cleanup played songs colors in Favorite Lists. Cleanup is based on a Cut Off Date customizable in the Miscellaneous preferences.
  • Extended the length of Cue Card Category and Sub Category to 255 characters
  • Added an option to surpress the automatically advance of a Cue Card to the next. The AdvanceCueCardAutomatically option is on by default. It can be turned off in the View preferences.


  • A problem where a Cue Card insert failed and caused database integrity issues.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking on the Cue Sheet would cause shortcut's to be inactive.
  • Other minor problems

This is a fix release only.

  • Fixed a problem, where the fix for a problem when clicking on the Cue Sheet would cause shortcut's to be inactive, caused Cue Sheet scrolling to be disabled.
  • Fixed a problem where a Cue Card without a Name could not be saved.

New feature:

  • Added BPM calculation. You can decide if you want BPM calculation to run in the backgound or not. You can also set a delay to have the BPM calculation pause between the calculation of songs. You can specify this in the Miscellanious Preferences.


  • A problem where a space could not be used in a favorite list name.
  • A problem where a MP3 file with variable sample rate could not be played.

New feature

  • Added two small buttons next to the Cue Card filter, to allow for Cue Card scrolling, by clicking on the buttons.


  • Fixed Cue Card scrolling shortcuts not working

Additional changes

  • Added an option to allow for collection of hardware information for debugging.

Fixed a bug int the about box.