Poul's mp3 player is a Square Dance music player.

The version 1 was built many years ago and had problems with the internal architecture when running under windows 10.

Version 2 is a complete rewite. New player engine and new graphical use interface.

If you want to try it, go to the download page and download the latest release.

Release overview

Created atRelease numberSorted By Release number In Descending OrderChanges

Fixed a problem with drag and drop when ordering songs in a 'Keep Songs In Sequence' favoritelist.


Turned snapshot debug mode off.



  • Jump and Exit shortcut did not use the customized standard time for exit


  • Cue Sheets, where the path contain non latin characters, fail to load in the Cue Sheet window
  • Singing Call progress meter is flickering
  • Unable to play a song that has no loop

Other changes

  • Ability to change the default time for Jump and Exit
  • Change song rating icons



Corrected an incorrect loop exit when infinite loop is seleced in Audio Preferences

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