Poul's mp3 player is a Square Dance music player.

The version 1 was built many years ago and had problems with the internal architecture when running under windows 10.

Version 2 is going to be a complete rewite. New engine and new graphical use interface.

If you want to test it, go to the download page and download the latest test release.

Release overview

Created atRelease numberSorted By Release number In Descending OrderChanges

Corrected an incorrect loop exit when infinite loop is seleced in Audio Preferences


Fixed a problem with opening an playlist xml file in excel


Fixed a problem with snapshots. By accident, the debug version of the snapshot module was used in the 1.0.53 release.


Changed the group list sorting on FavoriteListSelector to alphabetically sort favorite lists inside a group.


Changed Favorite Properties Group Name to show existing Groups.


  • Number of times a song is played is now reflected correct in the All Songs list.
  • When the Playlist is open, playing a song will now add the entry to the Playlist with the correct background.
  • Opening a Favorite List by double click on the list in the Favorite Lists overview will use the Show Song Rating property from the View Preferences.
  • Fixed a Loop issue, where looping would never stop.


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