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If you miss something, or you have an idea for enhancing Poul's MP3 Player, Please drop me a mail and I will add your request to this list.

There is no guarantee that it can be implemented, but if you don't mail me it will most likely not be implemented.

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Cue Card naming

Posibility to name Cue Cards instead of just have a numbering:

I think I misunderstood this request. I have almost implemeted Cue Card Naming, but the display is not a Cue Card. It is an active set of Cue Cards described by a Cue Card Filter. The Filter does not exist in the data base, only in the configuration file.

As of now, it is not possible to add a name to the filter. Sorry

Start Poul's MP3 Player maximized

Add posibility to start Poul's MP3 Player maximized

Display current filter (Categori and Sub category)

Display current filter (Categori and Sub category) like the old PP Version 1

Add number of songs to favoritelist Title

Cue Card Autoflip Option

Add a Cue Card Autoflip Option to suppress the automatic advance to the next Cue Card in the current Cue Card filter selelection

Cue Card scrolling

In version 1, there was two small buttons next to the Cue Card filter. These buttons allowed you to scroll forward and backward in the set of Cue Cards.

This functionality is requested in version 2

Activate Automatic Cue Card Scrolling by clicking in the Cue Card Header

Activate Automatic Cue Card Scrolling by clicking in the Cue Card Header:

In process2019.10.10
Add another option to View preferences

Add an option to View preferences to allow for manually display of Cue Card. The option should disable Automatic Advance of Cue Cards.

Cue Card should display when clicking on the cue card.

Would be nice if display could be attached to a shortcut.

In process2019.10.10