Introducing Poul's MP3 Player V2

Poul's MP3 Player V2 is not just another mp3 player.
Poul's MP3 Player V2 extends the way you to play mp3 files by providing you access to the following features

  • pitch shifting (without interfering with neither the loop nor with the tempo)
  • tempo shift (without interfering with neither the loop nor with the pitch)
  • perfect looping, you can easily control loop start and end to create a perfect loop
  • loop wizard
  • cue sheet/lyrics panel
  • countdown timer with the option to chose between endless loop or stop the looping when the timer exhausts
  • organizing your songs in favorite lists.
  • favorite lists can hold both patter and singers. You can control how they will show up in the Favorite List Selector
  • small icons to help you know which song is a singer, patter (or both), has a cue sheet/lyric associated or if you have used the loop wizard to add looping
  • play list, which will keep track on what you have played and when
  • resize able window that will fit on any computer
  • almost every panel is dock able and can be arranged on your screen to your like
  • customization of shortcuts for pitch, tempo and volume change, editing, loop wizard, playing and more
  • BPM calculator. Not the best, but it does a fairly good job.

Poul's MP3 Player V2 are different from version 1 in two major areas:

  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has changed dramatically.
  • The music is no longer played by a separate external background process

The new GUI:

Almost every part of Poul's MP3 Player V2 are now small dock able windows.

The purpose of this is to give you, the user, the capability to define and use the layout, which best fits your need.

  • Resize able. Almost all window elements are resize able. Just drag in the window element border
  • What happened to the elements I used in Version 1?
    • One of the other GUI changes is that you can open multiple favorite lists, cue cards and more.
    • Cue Cards. The cue card elements 1 and 2 from Version 1 do no longer exist. Instead you will use cue card filters for each set of cue cards you want.

Restart: When you close and reopen the player, it will remember which window elements, you were using, their space, size and position.

Caution: If you move from an old laptop to a new and want to use a database backup to get started on the new laptop, it is essential that the location of your songs and lyrics sheets IS in the same path as on your old laptop. If not, Poul's MP3 Player V2 will not be able to find your songs and the migration result will be useless!

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