If you find a bug or have an issue or maybe a request for some functionality, send me an email.

I will create a record in this bug/issue log below and I will do my very best to fulfill your request.

I will off course prioritize errors and bugs over requests for new functionality

Created atTitleDetailsStatus
2019.08.28Multiple startup causes error

If Pouls Mp3 Player Version 2 is started multiple times, you can end up with a set of error messages and in worst case also invalidate the database.

2019.08.28Pressing remember does not save changed pitch and or tempo

Pressing remember does not save changed pitch and or tempo

2019.08.29Font changes

In version 1 it is possible to change font in different lists.

This has not yet been implemented in version 2. It will come, but will have lower priority compared to fix problems and adding essential functionality.

2019.08.29Cue Card Scrolling

Missing functionality.

Essential functionality. High priority

2019.09.02Copy favorite list failure

When creating a new favorite list as a copy of another list.

Not only do both lists end up empty, but all songs in the original list are removed from all favorite lists,.

2019.09.02Unexpected tempo change

When a song is playing and a new is selected in the favorite patter or singer the newly selected songs tempo and pitch are applied to the song being played


Throwing a song in the schredder do not remove the song

2019.09.03Command Shortcut not working

Pause/Resume command shortcut are not working

2019.09.06Missing refresh after database restore

Not all lists are refreshed after a database restore.

  • Cue Card overview
2019.09.19Click on the background in Favorite Patter or Favorite SInger does not put the selected song in the queue.

Click on the background in Favorite Patter or Favorite SInger does not put the selected song in the queue.

2019.09.26Cue Card Category and SubCategory field length

If a Category or SubCategory with a number of characters greather than 10 is applied to a Cue Card, the Cue Card fails to insert.

2019.09.26Number of times song is played

Number of times a song is played is not reflected correct in the All Songs list.

2019.10.01Unable to use spacebar in favorit list names

Unable to use spacebar in favorit list names

2019.10.01Unable to scroll Cue Sheet

A fix to Fix a problem where clicking on the Cue Sheet would cause shortcut's to be inactive. This fix had the unforseen sideeffect to disable Cue Sheet scrolling

2019.10.01Unable to save a Cue Card without a Name

Unable to save a Cue Card without a Name

2019.10.06Cue Card scrolling shortcuts does not work

Nothing happens when using the shortcuts for Cue Card scrolling.

2019.10.09Font preferences

When the Font Preferences window is too small to display, scrolling is enabled, but the scrolling window is too big and the font selections are placed in the middle (horizontally), they should be left adjusted and the window should be smaller.


In process
2019.10.14Unable to restor Favorite List Selector panel

If you by accident close the Favorite List Selector, there is only two ways to get it back.

  1. Use a backup and restore the database
  2. Reset windows layout to default

Neither of these are the best way.

Two possible solutions

  1. Deny closing of the Favorite List Selector
  2. Add an option in the windows to restore it back.

I will personnaly prefer solution no 1